Eric Maxfield brings proven skills to bear to protect professional licenses, employment, and housing. He protected his clients’ civil rights in employment, fair housing, and access to public accommodations at Disability Law Colorado (2000-2007). And from 2007-2019 as an Assistant Attorney General (promoted to First Assistant in 2008), he represented the State Personnel Board and Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Eric Maxfield represented the Colorado Medical Board for eleven years, serving as litigation counsel, general counsel, and supervisor to the legal team representing that Board. Consequently, Eric Maxfield is well-prepared to effectively challenge unjustified professional license discipline, rulemaking, or policy actions of regulators. His advocacy and counseling experience representing individuals facing discrimination, as well as his experience representing government in complying with its duties, enhance his effectiveness in protecting his clients.

Eric Maxfield


Maxfield Gunning, LLP, Boulder, Colorado, 2019-2021. Founding partner. Responsibilities included:

  • Advocating for individuals facing professional licensing complaints or risks.
  • Protecting individual interests in employment disputes, including protecting against discrimination and retaliation, and advocating for whistleblowers.
  • Representing individuals in civil rights litigation, with an emphasis on full access to government services and public accommodations.
  • Ensuring public access to the work of governmental entities, through Sunshine Law (CORA and Open Meetings Law) actions.
  • Proactively advising clients on risk mitigation and litigation strategy in order to promote client success in meeting diverse obligations.

Colorado Attorney General, Department of Law, Denver, Colorado, 2007-2019. Promoted to First Assistant Attorney General in 2008, represented the Colorado Medical Board, State Personnel Board, Civil Rights Commission, Division of Financial Services, and Division of Real Estate.

Responsibilities included:

  • Responsible for the team’s litigation practice before trial and appellate courts and for managing budget appropriations and billing to clients for accuracy and value.
  • Maintained an active litigation practice addressing novel issues or unusual complexity and represented clients in all phases of litigation involving professional licensing. Tried cases concerning medical standard-of-care, physician certification of medical use of marijuana, and professional boundaries. Advocated before the Colorado Court of Appeals and Colorado Supreme Court.
  • Provided legal expertise to client agency boards and directors in a broad variety of state governmental matters, including: professional/peer review, Constitutional law, Colorado Sunshine laws, employment law, and marijuana law.

The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People, Denver, Colorado, 2000-2007. Senior Attorney and Program Coordinator.

  • Led state-wide civil rights programs with a Fair Housing, Americans with Disabilities Act, employment, and landlord/tenant emphasis.
  • Coordinated HIV Legal Project with cooperative relationships with community AIDS projects, federal agencies, and an emphasis on evidence-based assessment.
  • Litigated employment, housing, and vocational rehabilitation matters in administrative, state, and federal courts.
  • Received Civil Rights Litigation Award from the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition in 2005 for advocacy work in HIV/AIDS-discrimination litigation.

Colorado Legal Services, Greeley, Colorado, 1998, 1999-2000. Staff Attorney.

  • Represented clients in Social Security, Medicaid, and unemployment benefit appeals through Colorado Rural Legal Services office.

Volunteer and Additional Work Experience

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Boulder, Colorado,  Board of Directors, (Board, 2017-present, Chair, 2019-2020). Staff, 1991-1999. Creating permanent housing solutions while providing safe and dignified shelter. https://bouldershelter.org

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, Denver, Colorado, Board of Directors, 2022-present. Safeguarding, through education and advocacy, the rights of the public and press to observe the operations of government. https://coloradofoic.org

Domestic Relations Post-Decree Clinic volunteer, Adams County, 2013-2018. Assisted individuals experiencing domestic violence with custody and support issues.

Women’s Lighthouse Project, Denver, Colorado, Advisory Board of Directors, Board Secretary, 2005-2007. Supported women living with HIV/AIDS.

Planned Parenthood, Boulder, Colorado, clinic volunteer, 1994-1999.

Attorney Licensure, Education

  • Colorado, registration number 29485
  • Florida, registration number 915971 (inactive)
  • United States District Court in Colorado
  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

University of Colorado School of Law, J.D.


  • Presented training to Office of the Colorado Attorney General on Colorado Sunshine Laws (2018, 2016, 2013, 2011), federal “Part 2” confidentiality requirements (2018), depositions (2012), and rulemaking (2012).
  • Presented at the University of Denver Law School as guest lecturer on Colorado Sunshine Laws (2015, 2017).
  • Presented at “Ethics for Government Lawyers” continuing legal education seminar on Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission (2009).
  • Presented to national Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation on the Colorado regulatory response to the sub-prime mortgage crisis (2009).
  • Provided manager training on Fair Housing considerations, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, in Denver and Grand Junction, Colorado (2007).
  • Author, articles for the Nonprofit Colorado News, presenting Americans with Disabilities Act considerations for nonprofits (2006).
  • Sign Language Interpreters, Who Pays?, analyzing Americans with Disabilities Act considerations for attorneys. April, 2004 Colorado Lawyer.

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