Professional Licensing

If you have a professional license, you made an investment of time, effort, and money to secure the state’s regulatory permission to practice your profession. And for many license holders, a profession is not simply how to make a living, it is an important part of identity. As a matter of law, your license is a property interest, and we assertively represent our clients’ rights to Constitutional Due Process, to a fair opportunity to be heard, to test the agency’s evidence, and to complete the factual picture. We will use our skill and experience to prevent undue interference with your ability to practice. And in the rare instances when some regulatory oversight is unavoidable, we will work to protect your license by striving to minimize restrictions and maximize opportunity.

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At Eric Maxfield Law, we understand that your license does not exist in isolation, and that negative license action can have rippling negative consequences to your career. We will work closely with you to strategize and take action in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. We work diligently to position our clients to maintain their desired licensure, to keep their desired employment, to have opportunities for professional growth, and ultimately, to thrive.

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